Certified Qualification in Islamic Finance (CQIF) : Takaful

This programme is an advancement in terms of knowledge and competency participants will acquire. Certified Qualification in Islamic Finance (CQIF) – Takaful challenges participants’ knowledge, work experience and capabilities through specially designed modules namely; Governance and Audit for Takaful Company, Risk Management and Compliance for Takaful Company and Financial Aspects for a Takaful Company.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this advanced level, participants would attain a complete knowledge and standard proficiency as an Islamic Finance professional. This professionalism can be measured through their ability to:

  1. Lead and provide guidance to other team members and subordinates
  2. Strategise on current business or market expansion
  3. Identify new business opportunities
  4. Be more creative in innovating products and processes
  5. Competently manage issues relating to Islamic Finance

Mode of Learning

  1. Face-to-face
  2. Online (e-learning)



M1: Governance and Audit for Takaful Company

This module is designed with the aim to provide exposure, knowledge and understanding on the good corporate governance practised in a Takaful company. This module will discuss the guiding principles of corporate governance practises as outlined by Standard Setting Bodies such as SSM, BNM, AAOIFI as well as IFSB.

M2: Risk Management and Compliance for Takaful Company

This module discusses the various types of risks faced by a Takaful company with emphasis on the concept of Islamic Risk Management and its roles in Takaful operations from the Shariah perspective.

M3: Financial Aspects for Takaful Company

This module will expose participants on the accounting and financial reporting for a Takaful company. Participants will learn the accounting treatment for main Takaful fund and the application of accounting policy in preparation of financial statements for a Takaful company. The accounting and financial issues and challenges facing a Takaful company will be discussed at the end of the module.

The Intermediate Qualification in Islamic Finance (IQIF) – Takaful or equivalent is a prerequisite for a participant sitting for the CQIF (Takaful) assessment.

RM4,320.00 / USD1,584.00 (Face-to-face)

RM2,040.00 / USD680.00 (Online)

* Listed prices are only indicative. The programme fees in USD may differ with consideration of the currency exchange rate to RM at the time of payment.


Special Discounts

  • Package Deal: Full payment for all relevant modules must be paid in advance
  • Group: 3 or more participants from the same organization (valid for Corporate or Non-corporate)
  • STFi Members: Special price for Islamic bankers (Malaysians only)

Method of Examination

One Hundred (100) Multiple Choice Questions

Two and a half (2 ½) hours examination

Passing mark: 50%

Examination Fee: RM300.00