About IBFIM Online

Malaysia as an Islamic Finance powerhouse is also a centre for global talent development. IBFIM’s Certified Qualification in Islamic Finance aims to enhance your competency and knowledge to propel your career in the financial industry.

IBFIM through IBFIM Online, offers flexible programmes to meet the industry’s demand and bring value to your career and pocket, in line with IBFIM’s vision as “The Preferred International Islamic Finance Talent and Development Institute”.

Be it Online, Face-to-Face/Classroom programmes or Blended Learning, with IBFIM Online you can stay ahead and build your career in Islamic Banking and Finance anytime, and anywhere. The role-based learning path programmes help you build skills demanded by the market while allowing you to maintain your daily routines.

We believe that everyone deserves a chance to learn and succeed. That is our commitment to you.

IBFIM Online is now just a click away. Enroll yourself today and be part of our extensive community!


Islamic Finance Industry
To date, IBFIM has trained 32 percent of the total Islamic Finance Industry workforce.

International Participants
Form the year 2009 to 2013, 48.9 percent are international participants.