Fundamental Certificate in Islamic Banking and Takaful (FCIBT)

Fundamental Certificate in Islamic Banking and Takaful (FCIBT) is designed to ensure that industry practitioners have attained minimum standard and quality in terms of knowledge and competencies in Islamic Finance. FCIBT consists of three (3) modules namely Fundamentals of Shariah, Fundamentals of Islamic Banking and Fundamentals of Takaful. FCIBT has obtained Full Accreditation status by the Finance Accreditation Agency (FAA).

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this advanced level, participants would attain a complete knowledge and have standard proficiency as an Islamic Finance professional. Their professionalism can be measured through their ability to:

  1. Describe the Shariah requirements and prohibitions in Islamic commercial transactions as well as gain a strong foundation on the fundamentals of Shariah contracts
  2. Analyse and comprehend the various structures of Islamic financial products and services
  3. Explain the differences between conventional and Islamic Finance practises

Mode of Learning

Face-to-face only


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SHA0061: Fundamentals of Shariah

This program will emphasize on the applicable Shariah principles and contracts in Islamic finance. This program will also elaborate on the fundamental concepts and principles of Fiqh Muamalat in Islamic finance.

BKG0011: Fundamentals of Islamic Banking

This program will emphasize on the applicable Shariah contracts in Islamic banking products. Besides, the program will provide an overview of Islamic financial system, how Islamic bank operates and its legal framework governing the Islamic banking operations.

TKF0011: Fundamentals of Takaful

This program is designed to introduce and enhance the participant’s understanding on the principles, concepts and underlying contracts applied in Takaful. The main objective of this program is to provide essential knowledge and basic building blocks in the features and operations of Takaful.

Minimum Malaysia’s SPM or equivalent or related recognized prior learning or work experience

Method of Examination:

  • One Hundred (100) Multiple Choice Questions
  • Two and a half (2 ½) hours examination
  • Passing mark: 60%

Examination Fees: RM150.00