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CPSA programme is designed to equip candidates with the requisite technical understanding and professional skills on Shariah compliance audit and review processes for the Islamic banking and finance industry.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of  the program, participants should be able to :

  1. Apply the technical review of banking and financial operations to determine Shariah compliance
  2. Apply the roles and function of various Shariah compliance and review processes in Islamic financial institutions
  3. To apply the relevant control mechanisms in ensuring Shariah compliance in accordance to the applicable standards and requirements
  4. Comprehend the scope, procedures and potential issues in developing Shariah audit programmes
  5. Assess and communicate effectively audit results to relevant stakeholders

Mode of Learning

Face-to-face only

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Contact: training@ibfim.com

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SHA1031  – Fundamentals of Shariah for Islamic Finance

This module emphasizes on the fundamental concepts and principles of Shariah. The module elaborates on the application of Shariah in Islamic finance.

AUD1011 – Fundamentals of Governance and Auditing

This module aims at providing the knowledge to the participants on the basic knowledge on auditing. The content includes key skills required of an auditor, audit methodologies, sampling considerations and quality assurance review.

GEN2011 – Accounting and Reporting for Islamic Financial Transactions

This module aims at providing the knowledge to the participants on accounting and reporting for Islamic Financial transactions. In specific, the content of the course exposes the participants on the fundamentals of accounting and reporting for transactions adopted in Islamic banking, takaful and Islamic capital markets according to IFRS and AAOIFI standards.

RSK2011  – Shariah Risk Management and Internal Control

The aim of this module is to engage the participants on critical areas in Shariah risk management in IFIs. The module highlights the significance of Shariah risk management in IFIs, within the Shariah risk management framework. The participants will be trained on Shariah risk identification and how to manage the identified risk.

AUD3051 – Shariah Audit Planning and Programme

This module discusses the Shariah audit process and programme that related to the IFIs based on scope, plan, and processes involved. The implementations of Shariah audit programme on the operations of the IFIs is thoroughly discussed in the module. The module highlights on the Shariah audit overall process that represents the Islamic banking, Takaful and Islamic Capital market.

AUD3041 – Shariah Audit Fieldwork and Communication

This module discusses on the Shariah audit fieldwork and communications that related to the IFIs. It describes the methods and principles in performing Shariah audit fieldwork. The module too, features Shariah audit communication elements to impart the skills to auditors to communicate the audit findings to the management and Board.

  • Bachelor Degree in related discipline as recognized by IBFIM and USIM, or
  • Diploma with 3 years of audit or banking experience, or
  • SPM orequivalent qualification with 6 years of audit or banking experience.