Certified Qualification in Islamic Finance (CQIF) : Capital Market

This programme is an advancement in terms of knowledge and competency participants will acquire. CQIF challenges participants’ knowledge, work experience and capabilities through specially designed modules such as Corporate Governance in Islamic Capital Market and Audit in Islamic Capital Market.

Learning Outcomes:
Upon completion of this advanced level, participants would attain a complete knowledge and have standard proficiency as an Islamic Finance professional.  Their professionalism can be measured through their ability to:

  1. Lead and provide guidance to other team members and subordinates
  2. Strategise on current business or market expansion
  3. Identify new business opportunities
  4. Be more creative in innovating products and processes
  5. Competently manage issues related to Islamic Finance

Mode of Learning

  1. Online (e-learning)
  2. For face-to-face/classroom, CQIF – Capital Market is offered via in-house training programs only. Subject to terms & conditions spelt out by IBFIM.

Online Access

12 months (1 year)


Contact: training@ibfim.com

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M1: Corporate Governance in Islamic Capital Market

This module is designed with the aim to provide exposure, knowledge and understanding on good corporate and Shariah governance practise in Islamic Capital Market. This module will discuss the guiding principles of corporate governance practises.

M2: Audit in Islamic Capital Market

This module provides fundamental knowledge and understanding on the concept of Shariah compliance audit and its applications in Islamic Capital Market structure.  This module will also discuss on issues and challenges towards Shariah compliance.

The Intermediate Qualification in Islamic Finance (IQIF) – Capital Market or equivalent is a prerequisite for a participant sitting for the CQIF (Capital Market) assessment.

Method of Examination:

Sixty (60) Multiple Choice Questions / Short Structured Questions

Two (2) hours examination

Passing mark: 70%

Examination Fee: RM300.00