BKG0011 Fundamentals of Islamic Banking

Module Description

This programme will emphasize on the applicable Shariah contracts in Islamic Banking products. Furthermore, the programme will provide an overview of the Islamic financial system, how an Islamic bank operates and its legal framework governing the Islamic Banking operations.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify Shariah principles, concepts and underlying contracts applied in Islamic Banking
  2. Elaborate the conceptual and practical aspects of Islamic Banking
  3. Differentiate between conventional and Islamic Banking


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Face-to-face: 3 days
Online Access: 3 weeks per module
Category: Core/ Shariah

Part of:
Fundamental Certificate in Islamic Banking and Takaful (FCIBT)

There is no examination for this module. Participants will be given the Statement of Completion upon completion of this module.

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Contact: training@ibfim.com