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AQIF ON THE GO, the latest learning-on-demand by IBFIM, is a self-study programme designed for all, whether you are Islamic finance industry practitioners, other sectors engaging in Islamic finance or you are interested in learning Islamic finance. AQIF ON THE GO aims to nurture the basic foundation of Shariah principles, its application, and ethics as well as provides an outlook on the regulatory framework governing the Malaysia financial landscape.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Acquire basic knowledge of Shariah, the requirements of Muamalat contracts and the differences between conventional and Islamic finance.
  • Apply various Shariah contracts commonly applied in mainstream Islamic banking products and services;
  • Understand the fundamental knowledge of ethics from Islamic perspective and its relation to Islamic finance;
  • Understand the principles of Islamic law that govern the Islamic financial system; and
  • Identify the basic components in contemporary Islamic finance architecture.


Learning Mode


  • Revision class will be made available upon request and subject to the terms and conditions spelt out by IBFIM.


Special Introductory Fee:

RM1,300.00 (Inclusive learning materials & examination)



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Entry Requirement

  • Malaysian citizens (residing in Malaysia) with a minimum qualification of Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) or equivalent;
  • International participants that reside in Malaysia with a minimum General Certificate of Education (GCE) O-Level or equivalent; and
  • International participants that hold a valid student visa with Malaysia local universities/institutions.

Programme Structure

SHA0011: Philosophy and Fundamentals of Shariah for Islamic Finance

SHA0021: Application of Shariah in Islamic Finance

SHA0031: Ethics in Islamic Finance

SHA0041: Legal Aspects and Governance for Islamic Finance

GEN1011: Islamic Finance Architecture

AQIF On The Go candidates have to register for a particular assessment date during the registration. Assessment will be conducted computer-based at 21 of IBFIM’s examination centres nationwide.


Method of Examination:

  • Hundred (100) Multiple Choice Questions
  • Two and half (2 ½) hours examination
  • Passing mark 60%


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